Welcome to the Teen Center

The Teen Center is exclusively for adolescents ages 10 to 22. No more stuffed animals, juvenile decor, or little kids. Just a sleek, spacious office and even an Xbox in the waiting room.

Here, our physicians and staff focus on the unique needs of adolescents at both sick visits and check ups.  Well exams are important to ensure proper physical growth, maintain immunizations, and address common concerns such as acne, weight issues and sexuality. The well appointment also serves as an opportunity to address difficult issues that are common for this age group. Often, teens struggle with issues of self-esteem, peer pressure, stress and depression. Additionally, many face choices about drinking, smoking, drugs and sexual activity. The decisions and choices made during adolescence can impact a child for a lifetime.

Teenage years can be tough and we are here to help. These years are a good time to begin learning about healthcare. We believe teens should begin taking a role in the whole process during this time. Appointments for older teens will often be primarily with the patient only. The teen appointment can be in-depth and confidentiality guidelines apply.